The Batik Life
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Upcycled Denim Jackets with a punch of culture!

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The Batik Life is about creatively incorporating the tradition and heritage of batik into daily life by mixing and matching batik with formal or casual pieces. Starting out slowly with an array of modern batik in the form of kain pareo, we have expanded to other items such as tops, cardigans, summer dresses, kaftans, baju kurung and baju kebaya.


BUMI is a sustainable and slow fashion line which upcycles our batik textile scraps and even used denim jackets into products of environmental value. As part of The Batik Life, each up-cycled denim jacket is hand-picked, cleaned, designed and patched and reborn into a new look and design to expand the lifespan of clothing and avoiding it from ending up in the landfill. We bring in denim jackets and create cute accessories under this line. We are looking forward to creatively expanding our BUMI line.

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